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How the Freedom Dictation service can benefit your business

Freedom Dictation delivers professional services for professional people. We appreciate the imperatives of professional ethical conduct, expert service, integrity, due diligence and managed risk. 

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We provide a service that is simple to use, confidential, secure, timely and accurate. 

Freedom Dictation provides an unparalleled level of personal service through individually allocated Account Managers and typists who are as committed to your firm as any employee.

The Freedom Dictation service ranks amongst the most affordable available in the UK and is delivered by highly motivated, well trained and experienced staff. Speak to a Freedom Dictation Account Manager and you know you’re dealing with someone with both the technical and professional experience to fully understand your needs.  

We aim to provide excellence in the delivery of our services. We deliver individual solutions for individual clients' needs - as such every customer agreement is tailored to their unique requirements. We offer the flexibility to enter into monthly or annual contracts.

Many of our clients are businesses strictly regulated by professional bodies such as the Solicitors Regulation Authority, Financial Services Authority etc. When using our audio transcription services, we provide all the mechanisms to satisfy regulatory requirements for confidentiality and security:

  • Full encryption on all digital audio file transfer processes 
  • Strictly controlled access to files at both "ends" of the transactions between us 
  • Secure online archiving of digital dictation files 
  • Strict vetting of personnel 
  • Bespoke solutions to fit within their existing security framework

 We are happy to provide free advice and assistance to our clients on all matters relating to Data Protection and Secure Transcription Services. Our staff have many years’ experience working as business professionals, IT Managers and Practice Managers.

 When you decide to outsource your typing you need a complete digital audio service that has proven levels of reliability, security and performance. Our solutions will improve your productivity and your security whilst reducing costs. 


Benefits of the Freedom Dictation Service

  • Significant cost savings on administrative and support staff costs 
  • No recruitment and HR costs for typists. Internal staff are freed up from the arduous, time consuming and expensive task of recruiting new typists. The time and cost involved in training temporary and permanent new staff places a huge strain on the management of your resources, particularly in today’s competitive job market where secretarial staff turnover can be high
  • Improved performance and morale amongst staff. When secretaries are no longer tied down with typing tasks they can be redirected to more value added work (such as casework, paralegal roles, aiding fee-earners and providing better client service)
  • Faster turnaround time for dictation
  • Improved staff productivity. Manage your valuable people resources more effectively
  • Improved quality
  • Regulatory and Quality Standard compliance
  • Better client service
  • Simple to use, secure and confidential
  • Secretaries have sector-specific knowledge
  • Flexible dictation and communication methods
  • Stringent Data Protection policies and confidentiality agreements providing peace of mind
  • Full training, support and advice provided
  • Customers existing Microsoft Word templates utilised (and new ones developed where required)


Increased efficiency

Where employees have a significant but not exclusive audio typing element to their duties, inefficiencies arise due to constant interruptions. It is far more efficient to type without distraction – which is what our typists do.


Improved Productivity

Bill more without increasing support staff, reduce the billing cycle and improve performance and morale amongst staff,
Fee earners hate having to wait for dictated documents to be returned as this creates inefficiencies and hence frustration. Case files can remain on their desks for days instead of being dealt with and filed. By the time they have checked returned dictation they will have handled several other matters, making it necessary for them to re-familiarise themselves with the file – which costs time and money.


Manage Demand

We have worked with customers who have increased dictation from less than 100 minutes per day to over 1,200 minutes per day in a very small period of time. We were able to handle this increased workload without a degradation in quality or turnaround time. It would have been impossible for our customers to handle this increase in-house.
As a result work levels can increase, clients receive a better service, giving firms the opportunity to retain more customers and improve profitability.


Improve Workflow

We all know that cases which are not finished cannot always be billed. Typing backlogs lead to billing backlogs which always affect morale, performance and profitability
With the Freedom Dictation service cases can be completed quicker and hence billed earlier.


Reduce Overheads

Employing secretarial staff always means more fixed costs in the form of office space, equipment, training, management and HR, IT etc. These overheads make up a large proportion of a company’s costs.
It is always preferable when as much as of this cost as possible is turned into a variable cost. The amount of “unproductive time” you pay for is significantly reduced and provides you with the flexibility to turn on more typing resource as and when it is required at known fixed costs without any management overhead.
Because we charge per minute for your dictation you only pay for the actual transcription of documents and not for any downtime. When used strategically it will improve fee earner to staff ratios. One of our clients has reported a saving of over one million pounds in staff costs since he started working with Freedom Dictation.
Please contact us for a free trial of our Freedom Dictation service.

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