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Do you only do Legal Dictation?

We provide our services to many business sectors. We recruit legal secretaries because we believe they offer the best level of expertise.

Can we supply you with templates for documents?

Yes we encourage you to do so. Each customer has an account manager, and team allocated,  who will  stay up to date on template layouts and specific customer preferences. 

What format do you supply documents in?

Generally work will be typed in Microsoft Office Word. Documents can be supplied in typical formats e.g. .doc, .docx etc.

Does it use a lot of data on a smartphone or tablet?

No. In the context of data plans and typical usage, an average dictation pattern using a mobile operator's data plan has minimal impact. None of our customer's have reported any issues in this respect.

What is the average turn around time for dictation?

We always work to an absolute maximum of 24 hours Monday to Friday. Generally actual turnaround depends on quality of dictation, duration and typical workflow patterns. Many of our customers enjoy an average of under two hours. To achieve this we need to understand your priorities, when you like to send work, what days etc. We always do our best to give you what you need.

What is the INSERT function on my digital recorder?

Please refer to this blog post for a description of the insert/overwrite functions on digital recorders http://www.freedomdictation.co.uk/blog/using-insert-function-digital-recorder

Do you type urgent work?

Yes. All of our customers are able to contact their account manager and request work be done as a priority. We also have software based systems to allow customers to prioritise work themselves however we find that most people want the reassurance that someone is there!

How do you deliver my dictated work

Our dictated work is sent either by attachments to email or by secure file transfer system. We are happy to work with our customers to provide them with a service that fits their systems.

How are your charges calculated?

All dictation has an actual length in minutes. Regardless of how long it takes to type, we only charge by the actual dictated length. Generally, we find that customers dictate an average less than 10 minutes per day - a lot can be packed into 10 minutes! 

How can we be certain our information will be kept confidential?

Our reputation totally depends upon the highest standards in this regard. We only recruit experienced and well referenced legal secretaries. Because we are contracting with them we are able to be more intrusive and demanding in respect of standards. Typically we do home visits and spend a lot of time training before anyone is allowed to work on our accounts. Each typist has a contract stipulating significant damages for any breach. We believe our standards are far higher than most firms are able to apply in a typical employment scenario.

How secure is my dictation?

All audio files are sent by encrypted connections to our servers. this level of security is the highest allowed in the UK. Work returned to our customers depends upon their requirements. We can provide an encrypted download service free of charge if you require.

What equipment do I need?

This depends on how you want to send your work. Theoretically, any recording you can get onto your pc we can transfer securely provided the format is fairly popular. Typically we work with professional dictation machines, smartphones and tablets. We provide a variety of software solutions and apps, all free of charge to get the job done for you as simply as possible.

I have an Olympus recorder. Do I need to have the Olympus software installed?

No. Our software can do everything you need.

Can you transcribe DS2 files?


Can you work with our existing dictation software?

Yes. We can provide a folder location on your pc or network that has an encrypted "feed" to our servers. Aditionally, verification of work receipt and transcription can be automated for your systems.

What is your quality level?

Many firms advertise an average quality score e.g. 98%. We do not believe this has any credibility or relevance to the quality of typing you can expect. firstly this depends a great deal on the quality of dictation in the first place and secondly the type of "scoring" applied to assess quality levels has little relation to the real world. Quality scoring increases cost and is unecessary. It is often advertised by firms outsourcing typing out of the UK. We do not proof read. All of our typing is done by the highest quality typists and is totally unnecessary. When you have employed typists have you ever paid someone to proof read their work? No we think not.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes. we are happy to meet you, set up some of your trusted staff and allow you to assess our quality free of charge or obligation. We have great faith in our quality and effectiveness. No-one ever goes back from outsourcing to Freedom Dictation by choice.

Are your typists based in the UK?

All of our typists have worked for at least 5 years as a legal secretary in a UK law firm. We have some typists who have subsequently moved to other parts of Europe such as France and continue to work for us.