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How We Calculate Our Digital Dictation Service Charges

The price for our digital dictation services is charged per minute of ACTUAL DICTATED time. In other words if you produce a digital audio recording of ten minutes length, then that's the total minutes you will be charged for regardless of how long it takes us to type it. We do not generally type "ad hoc" projects. Each account is carefully established over time to produce the best possible level of quality at the lowest possible price for our customers. That is how we are able to keep our charges so low compared to our competitors.

Contractual Terms and Obligations

We provide contracts carefully drafted to satisfy the requirements of the typically demanding regulatory bodies most of our customers are governed by as well as the requirements for due diligence under the Data Protection legislation. Our contracts do not bind you to a term beyond one month.

Sometimes we will agree a minimum minutes arrangement with our customers that reflects their average usage (similar to a mobile phone contract). In smaller firms this allows us to provide the type of team support that guarantees a response level even where the dictation is intermittent in volume and regularity.

Other Charges

THERE ARE NONE. We provide FREE software, FREE smartphone apps, FREE web based workflow access, FREE training and installation and FREE support.