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  • IOS 11 and Dictation App

    Please note that our dictation app is fully compatible with the latest Apple update IOS 11. 

  • New Android App and Updated iPhone App

    For customers using our free smartphone apps, please note that there are new versions in both the Play Store (Android) and App Store. It is recommended that you delete an previous version before installing. If you require settings please contact us for immediate assistance. 

  • IOS 7 upgrade and our dictation app

    Just a quick update to those customers worried about upgrading their iPhone or iPad dictation apps for dictation. Firstly if you have not already done so, make sure you are using version 3 of our dictation app. The upgrade should not cause issues but some customers have had to delete the app and reinstall it after the IOS upgrade. It only takes a few minutes and is simple to do. And of course, as always, the app is free.

  • Interview Transcription

    We are delighted to announce that we have now provided an online quote facility for obtaining written confirmation for prior authority applications on transcription of interviews and other verbatim requirements. This is particularly useful for solicitors who require prior authority from the Legal Aid Agency before contracting for our services. Fill out the simple quote request and we will provide a formal quote in PDF format on company letterhead.

  • New iPhone 5S - even better for dictation

    The new iPhone 5S has been announced and it incorporates a handy new feature for those professionals using their smartphones for day to day work such as digital dictation. The fingerprint sensor built into the new device means that everything on the device can be protected without the need for cumbersome complex passwords. Many digital dictation users are careful about the typed result of their dictation but forget that their actual audio dictation also contains the same confidential data.

  • Cisco Sharefile

    Any customers wishing to download their typed documents via an encrypted connection rather than through email can now do so for a minimal fee. Freedom Dictation now offer via Cisco Sharefile's EU Amazon servers the most professional and secure data sharing system available. Free software and Apps are available for all leading platforms including Windows PC, iMac, Android, Blackberry and iPad/iPhone. These will automatically synchronise local folders taking all the work out of the task. 

  • Using the INSERT Function on a Digital Recorder

    Many long standing users have no knowledge of the "INSERT" function that all professional digital recorders incorporate. Here is a quick explanation.

  • How long does it take to dictate a letter?

    Freedom Dictation charge by the minute. That's per minute of actual dictated time. Sometimes when you quote our price per minute (75p) you are on the end of a sharp gasp of horror as the would be customer works out their potential liability. "..erm that's an average 90 minutes a day times .75p...!". The fact is average dictation output at 15 minutes a day is at the high end for our customers. You can pack a lot into 15 minutes once you have removed all the pauses, rewinds and contemplation. Also the more you dictate the better you get at it.

  • Take a little care to communicate and be more productive

    Dictation is communication. Sometimes busy professionals forget that fact and think they are just talking to a machine. We like to think we are in a professional relationship with our customers and sometimes that means letting them know they need to communicate better! 

  • Why a Smartphone Digital Dictation App is better for us and Probably better for you

    The key differences between professional Digital Dictation machines and much cheaper pocket memo style devices are their ability to transfer recordings via USB to a pc and the file format used. Professional devices use typically DSS or DS2 format files which are highly compressed and therefore easier to transmit over the internet. Unfortunately the difference is usually a few hundred pounds too.