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Greens Solicitors

Greens Solicitors


Established in December 2008.
Specialists in Family Law and the law relating to children and criminal matters.

Busy law firm undergoing rapid expansion.


Greens Solicitors was established in December 2008. The firm are specialists in Family Law and the law relating to children and criminal matters.

The Chief Executive, Julie Maguire explains “Back in 2010 work was typed up in the traditional way in-house by secretaries who due to the sheer volumes generated and other distractions were unable to cope with the workloads. We therefore had frequent and significant backlogs.

This included letters, attendance notes, witness statements, client statements, briefs to counsel and bills for assessment at court. We had to make a decision on how to better support the fee earners and whether to recruit further secretaries or to consider outsourcing”.

  • Continuous backlogs of audio dictation awaiting typing.
  • How to provide better support to the fee earners.
  • Whether to recruit further secretaries or outsource.


Julie obtained a quote from Freedom Technical and quickly realised Greens Solicitors could save a lot of money as well as minimise business disruption by using their services.

Greens supplied their standard document templates (eg letters to clients) which Freedom Technical secretaries were able to access, along with updates, and complete with the dictation received from Greens staff. This made the whole process more effective and seamless.

The Freedom Dictation service provided fee earners with a simple, easy to use audio transfer facility that automatically routed dictation and quickly returned accurately typed work.

When asked to comment on the service and support received from Freedom Technical, Julie commented “Freedom Technical have always provided exceptional service with rapid responses to requests for assistance at all levels whether by fee earners with queries or requests for prioritisation or at an organisational level for general support.”


Greens Solicitors recently carried out an analysis of the savings of outsourcing transcription to Freedom Technical. They concluded that if the firm carried out all typing “in-house” they would need to employ a further three secretaries at salaries of between £16,000 - £24,000 per year whereas the fees they pay to Freedom Technical are less than the salary of one secretary.

They would also need to increase office space to accommodate the secretaries, provide desks, hardware and software, fund pensions, provide cover during holidays and sickness etc

Julie observed “I have saved hundreds of thousands of pounds as a direct result of outsourcing my typing requirement to Freedom Technical since 2010. The other benefits Greens enjoy include:

  • No recruitment and HR costs for audio transcription staff
  • Improved morale amongst staff.
  • Faster turnaround time for dictation.
  • Better staff productivity.
  • Improved quality,
  • Regulatory and Quality Standard compliance.
  • Better client service.
  • Greater flexibility and mobility of working practices


I have relied upon the Freedom Dictation service since 2010 which is of a very high standard with fast turnaround time and good value for money. I highly recommend it to any firm looking to improve productivity, ensure compliance and increase profits.