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Murria Solicitors

Murria Solicitors


Established in 1988. Multiple Law Society Accreditations including Lexcel, CQS, Crime, Immigration and Wills & Probate.

7 Directors, Busy general practice.


Murria Solicitors was founded by 3 partners in May 1988. It has grown to a 7 director firm with an impressive array of accrediitations providing both Legal Aid and Private funded services.

The managing director Mukesh Murria explains “back in 2004 work was typed in a centralised typing pool serving a number of different departments. It was the most cost effective way of working we had found to date however we were facing regular backlogs, friction between fee earners due to competing priorities and also needed to look at increasing  office space in order to expand the typing pool.

At the same time we were looking at applying for Lexcel and were not happy that documents such as file and attendance notes were getting filed in an orderly way.

Compliance with quality requirements was a major issue for us and we were faced with either expanding the typing pool or looking at outsourcing.”

Over the last 10 years we have used a range of Freedom Technical services and are delighted with the increased productivity and efficiency as a result.


Murria contacted a number of leading transcription companies and decided Freedom Technical provided the most efficient typing service at the most cost effective price.

The Freedom Dictation service provided a dedicated account manager, who like all the Freedom Technical typists was a highly experienced legal secretary. She captured all of the standard documents, templates and standard operating instructions of the firm and cascaded this knowledge to a team allocated to work specifically on the Murria Solicitors account.

A flexible, seamless transition was achieved without disruption to working practices which immediately improved the productivity and morale of fee earners.
When asked to comment on his experience of working with Freedom Technical, Mukesh commented ”The Freedom Dictation service gave us the platform we needed to apply for Lexcel and other important quality marks as well as ensuring a higher degree of customer satisfaction due to improved response times. Productivity of our fee earners increased significantly”


Murria Solicitors achieved a level of typing support to their fee earners by using the Freedom Dictation service that would have required increasing the size of their typing pool by 100%. A rapid increase in dictation by fee earners occured as they realised that important attendance notes and the like could now be dictated and returned for filing within hours as opposed to days.

The digital dictation file transfer software provided by Freedom Technical provided a simple but highly secure and effective way of working that was also completely mobile so that fee earners could work away from the office. Mukesh observed “None of us appreciated the level of inefficiency endemic in our working practices until we outsourced the typing function and freed up our fee earners to produce the documents they needed, when they needed them.”

The other benefits Murria enjoy include:

  • No recruitment and HR costs for audio transcription staff
  • Improved morale amongst staff.
  • Faster turnaround time for dictation.
  • Better staff productivity.
  • Improved quality,
  • Regulatory and Quality Standard compliance.
  • Measurably better client service.
  • Greater flexibility and mobility of working practices


Freedom Technical have always demonstrated a thorough understanding of our business needs and provided solutions that are both professional and value for money. Over more than 10 years I can honestly say the company have never let us down, with 100% uptime and reliable customer service. Deciding to work with Freedom Technical over ten years ago was one of the best business decisions we have ever made. We estimate we have saved well over £750,000 whilst at the same time providing our fee earners with the best tools for compliance.