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How long does it take to dictate a letter?

Freedom Dictation charge by the minute. That's per minute of actual dictated time. Sometimes when you quote our price per minute (75p) you are on the end of a sharp gasp of horror as the would be customer works out their potential liability. "..erm that's an average 90 minutes a day times .75p...!". The fact is average dictation output at 15 minutes a day is at the high end for our customers. You can pack a lot into 15 minutes once you have removed all the pauses, rewinds and contemplation. Also the more you dictate the better you get at it. We have a prolific "old school" lawyer who regularly "knocks out" more than ten letters a minute. That's a cost to him of less than 7.5p per letter. That's almost as low as the cost of the ink for many deskjet/laser printers!

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