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Take a little care to communicate and be more productive

Dictation is communication. Sometimes busy professionals forget that fact and think they are just talking to a machine. We like to think we are in a professional relationship with our customers and sometimes that means letting them know they need to communicate better! 

The beauty of being in the right relationship is that understanding grows over time. Sometimes after a while we can fill in the blanks or make obvious amendments to reflect what the dictator meant rather than said. That's why at Freedom Dictation we place such a high priority on the experience and quality of our typists.

What we do find is that the best dictators do get the best quality work back and therefore do not have to spend time correcting work because the dictation was inaudible. Sometimes, when dictation has been recorded on a noisy train and the dictator is eating a packet of crisps it's not always easy to pick up everything!

The better the communication, the better the quality and the faster work gets turned around. That's why we will always try to work with all staff including yours to get the best possible quality. We know we are judged on results.

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