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Using the INSERT Function on a Digital Recorder

Many long standing users have no knowledge of the "INSERT" function that all professional digital recorders incorporate. Here is a quick explanation.

By default, when you record, the INSERT/OVERWRITE function is usually set to OVERWRITE. This mimics the old tape recorders. When you rewind, and record before the end of your recording, it overwrites everything that you previously recorded until you stop recording. Therefore if you record 2 minutes dictation, rewind to the beginning and re-record a minutes dictation, the total length remains at 2 minutes. Sometimes however it is very useful to be able to go back and add some dictation without overwriting what you have already recorded. For example a long contract where you want to go back and insert a new clause or paragraph. In these circumstances the OVERWRITE function can be selected to achieve that objective. In other words if you record 2 minutes dictation and then go back to the beginning and record a further minute whilst INSERT is active, then your dictation will be 3 minutes long.

Of course, most people still prefer to tell the typist to go back and do the job for them!

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