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Why a Smartphone Digital Dictation App is better for us and Probably better for you

The key differences between professional Digital Dictation machines and much cheaper pocket memo style devices are their ability to transfer recordings via USB to a pc and the file format used. Professional devices use typically DSS or DS2 format files which are highly compressed and therefore easier to transmit over the internet. Unfortunately the difference is usually a few hundred pounds too. Indeed over the past few years, suppliers such as Olympus and Phillips have attached increasingly premium prices to their machines without greatly enhancing the feature sets such machines come with.

Perfect 'Apps' For Digital Dictation & Audio Transcription Services

At Freedom Technical we have always offered Smartphone apps as an alternative to traditional recorders. The information I am now getting from typists is that the quality of audio from an iPhone or iPad is far superior to that on other devices clients may be using. As a result, the number of “inaudibles” is much reduced. This is anecdotal evidence that I will revisit more often in the near future however with the proliferation of WIFI access as well as cheap data plans, I would have to think carefully before I considered buying a dedicated digital recorder in the future.

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